Our Mission

Interconnected. We’ve been thinking a lot about this word over the past few months. Although, we’ve just finally been able to put the right word to our thoughts—our thoughts about teaching, reading, writing and living connected lives. We’ve been trying to put our finger on just what we want to say through our work. Is it that finding the right book can change your life? Yes. That sharing that book with a friend makes it all the more life-changing? Yes. That joining together in our literacy endeavors can enrich our lives, make them more meaningful? That too.

So here are a few things we believe, things we stand for and will put forth in our work here.

*Our literate lives don’t end at the front door. In fact, when we walk out the door into the world that is our lives and our work–that’s when the door should open even wider. That’s when we need to share our ideas about reading, writing, living.

*We need to share our literate lives within our schools, our classrooms, and with our colleagues. Why? Does it really matter, you ask? We think it does and we will say a lot more about why we believe this.

And so, we started All The Reasons Why to talk about those things and why they matter. You might say we were compelled to start this blog. It was a final twist of irony that intersected our lives and helped us to know – it was time. That story, too, we will tell when the time is right.

For now, we hope you will join us, possibly be inspired by some of our words and ideas, and contribute with your ideas, thoughts, wonderings.

We are glad you are here. We are so glad we’re interconnected. Welcome.

Darla & Jen

March 10-2


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