About Darla:


Darla Salay is an avid reader of young adult (YA) novels and inspirational adult works with a classical feel. Two of her all-time favorite titles are The Secret Life of Bees and The Help. A writer of professional articles for Heinemann Digital Campus, she has written on topics such as introverted students and best reading practices. Darla is also an elementary school principal in preschool through first grade building, where she loves to share new literature with her students. She lives in central New Jersey with her husband and four children. An aspiring YA author, she often writes with her teacher-daughter, Falynn, surrounded by a mass of ragdoll cats and a very jealous maltese puppy.

Darla is also a member of ILA and has written lessons for ReadWriteThink.org.

You can follow her on Twitter @DarlaSalay

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Jen Brittin is a K-5 teacher librarian in South Jersey. After teaching fourth grade for twelve years, she accepted the teacher of media position in her elementary building in 2014. She conducts K-3rd grade classes each day and absolutely loves teaching her fourth grade enrichment blogging class. Jen is a member of ILA and NCTE. She has written for Talks with Teachers, The Nerdy Book Club, and Heinemann’s Digital Campus Reference Library. She and her husband have three wonderful, trouble-making children.

You can follow her on Twitter @jenbrittin.

Visit her other blogs:

At the Corner

Read Write Dream



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