slice of lifeAs the quote says, reflecting on our journey is what fuels learning. It allows us to look back, re-evaluate, change course — or newly commit to the current one — consider our strengths, and determine where we still need or simply want to grow.


We believe productive reflection is thinking about what’s next based on where we’ve been. Not asking what if I had … or lamenting if only I didn’t … (miss those three days of commenting!)

So here are some lessons we learned from this challenge and some what’s nexts for us:


-Supportive communities of writers make us stronger as individuals. Writers (at least Slicers) are just plain nice folks. They want us to succeed because we are joined in this literacy journey together. You can feel their support in their comments and posts. They build us up in a genuine way. It’s worth the time to invest part of our lives in community.

-Supportive writing partnerships push us forward. No doubt about that. There’s power in numbers. And, accountability to others is often more motivating than accountability to ourselves. In partnerships, there’s power.

-Sometimes writing comes easily. Most times, it needs to be inspired. We can inspire ourselves and others in lots of ways. Reading other blogs, books, looking at beautiful images, or reflecting on the day’s events. Thinking about the strengths of our partners, their writing territories, and where they might go next. When the writing doesn’t come, we can search for inspiration.

-Sincere compliments and feedback go a LONG way. We need to compliment our fellow writers. It’s the least we can do. And guess what–this helps lift us up as writers. It’s a win-win.

-Learning about other writers and their writerly lives makes us tick. We are passionate about it. Writers just need to stick together. Only we understand that we HAVE to write. Like we need to breathe, eat, live.

-There’s tired, and then there’s just DOG tired.


-We plan to write more about what truly inspires us. That hasn’t changed. Teaching, learning, leading, connecting our literacy lives both inside and outside of the classroom.

-We plan to connect even more with writing communities that sustain us. We will start by SLICING every Tuesday with fellow writers at TWT.

-We plan to read more blogs of our writers and comment more. It’s important for us and them.

-Last, when we get tired beyond words, we will … SLEEP! Yes, sleep. And then write.

It’s been a journey.

Good luck with yours.

For all of the day’s Slice of Life stories head to Two Writing Teachers.

Darla & Jen



2 thoughts on “Reflect

  1. So many important points here! I especially like what you’ve said about inspiration. Free choice is so important in the classroom–but too much choice is really no choice at all. I need something to write off of, and I love your list of ways to be inspired. And a huge yes to what you say about community and compliments. The positive feedback I get on my Tuesday slices about parenting keeps me writing!


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