In Good Company

slice of life

We are excited to be slicing from the pews of Riverside Church in NYC today. Currently, thousands of teachers are pouring in the Nave, filling up every inch of space, waiting to hear from the lovely Patricia Polacco.

As Lucy Calkins settles the crowds, she invites us to join in this day of learning as colleagues.  And we are.

Then she describes today as a gift. And it is.

We are surrounded by teachers who love teaching and the promise of their profession.  It’s a testament to the We don’t know it all,  We want to learn more, We think we can do better attitude that teachers bring to work every day.

And this little slice of our life today will surely inspire many of the other unthought, unwritten slices that are still to come.

We’re in good company today.

For all of today’s Slice of Life stories head to Two Writing Teachers.

~ Jen and Darla


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