The Weariness Test

This is a test. A test of stamina. Determination. Fortitude.

* * *

Often times, when we are at the end of our road, we are faced with a weariness test. It doesn’t come when we are fresh, bright-eyed and enthusiastic. It comes when we are in the last few laps of the challenge. The test comes when exhaustion sets in. When we feel empty. Right about where we slicers are now—in that final stretch.

Five more days, to be exact.

But it’s at this point when we have the chance to grow in a unique way. To become more of who we are, who we want to be.

We can choose to keep pushing through, or, we can choose to give up and abandon ship.


If you are considering throwing in the pencil, breaking it, or possibly unplugging your computer forever, below are some words that might help push you along.

Confession: These words are more for US than you.

Don’t give up!

You’re almost there!

Keep going!

Just a little bit more!

Your gold is at the end of this rainbow!

You can do it!

You are amazing!

No one can stop you!

You are a winner!

You will finish!

And then you’ll look back.


And move on to the next test.

Because  …

that’s just who you are.

* * *

We’ll see you at the finish line.

For all of the day’s Slice of Life Stories head over to Two Writing Teachers.

Darla & Jen


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