slice of life

Student writers support one another.

We teach them how.

They peer edit.

Peer revise.

Give one another ‘glows and grows.’

Ask questions of one another.


Face frustrations together.

Grow together.

There’s power in partnerships.


And ours.

 * * *

Yesterday, we wrote about the ways we’ve grown by participating in the SOL writing community. Being inspired by the many passions–students, gardens, animals, to name a few. Learning how our own posts affected others through their comments and feedback. And mostly, enjoying the camaraderie and encouragement of other writers–being part of something bigger than ourselves.

Today we take a step back to reflect on how we’ve grown as a partnership.


We’ve realized partners get to know one another’s work deeply. We learn about one another’s habits, routines, and writing territories. For example, Jen comes to the table with lots of ideas and tends to do more outlining before she writes. Darla gets inspired by daily events and builds on ideas that way. Jen writes late into the evening. Darla writes in early evening or in the wee hours of the morning.

Partners begin to mirror one another’s work. One inspired by the other. We’ve noticed this with elements of our craft, and how our pieces often build on the work of the other. We see it in our composing. Our work begins to weave together. One writer picking up where the other has left off. Many of our pieces go this way. One of us will start with an anecdotal lead, and the other will fill in the details.

Partners can support one another with topics because we know one another’s strengths. We can suggest next steps because we know our shared territories. And when one of us is stuck, we often know how to push the other in exactly the right direction.

As always, we connect our learning and growth to what we do with our students. We wonder, how can we support stronger partnerships based on what we’ve learned.

Some quick things come to mind: Keep partners together longer. Help them get to know one another better as writers. Let them compose pieces together. Encourage them to push one another, support one another.

Show them how.

What writing partnerships are you supporting? How has a writing partnership sustained you as a writer?

We’d love to hear.

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Darla & Jen


One thought on “Partnerships

  1. Love this reflection of partner work. As a school administrator I am a “Fluency Buddy” or “Writing Buddy” for about 15 students in my school. I partner with them weekly to build confidence, stamina and strategies for their own reading and writing goals.


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