A Happy Little Thing


Just a week remains in the Slice of Life Challenge. This was our first year participating in SOL, and we were very excited to jump in and get writing.  For a few days, the ideas were flowing, we were doing a bit of high-fiving, thinking We’ve got this, no problem. Then, somewhere toward the end of week two, we found ourselves staring at the blank screen a little longer each night, and posting a little later each day. But, despite a few days with writer’s block (enter some cheesy poetry), we have been really inspired by this event, and we know that we are growing as writers, educators, and people.

What we have loved the most about this challenge is the Slice of Life community. We have enjoyed reading about people’s families, and classrooms, pets, and gardens.  We have been overwhelmed by all of the kind comments that our new friends have left on our posts…really, truly thoughtful comments with feedback, encouragement, and words of wisdom.

So, we thought that we’d take a break today to just say

Thank You.

And for all of the inspiration you’ve given us so far, we’d love to share a video about those powerful words. It’s called A Happy Little Thing Called Thank You. There are a lot of versions of this experiment floating around, but this one, that we discovered about a year ago, is our favorite.

We hope that you’ll take a few minutes to watch (tissues in hand), as it is well worth it.  And know that we are very grateful to be spending this month with all of you.

For all of the day’s Slice of Life stories, head over to Two Writing Teachers.

slice of life

~ Jen and Darla


5 thoughts on “A Happy Little Thing

  1. The power of a thank you – what a much needed reminder. Thank you for enriching our lives today. The video is fantastic. I am going to share it with my students tomorrow to encourage them to write their slice thanking someone of whom they are grateful. Lovely.


  2. I have a terrible Wi-Fi connection right now so I’ll come back to watch the video later. That being said, this post is wonderful even without watching the video. I will look forward to seeing you two on Tuesdays throughout the year. I’m so glad that you have taken on this challenge, even on the toughest days.


  3. I love the Elizabeth Gilbert quote, and I agree – a thank you is definitely warranted to this SOL community. It is so special and transforming. When I participated last year, it completely changed my perceptions of myself as a writer, and it continues this year. It’s all because of this community!


  4. Loved the quote you started off your slice with. What a powerful thought. And the video. Thanks for the tissue warning!
    I, too, have enjoyed the community and receiving the thoughtful comments about my writing. This has been fun and I am happy we “met”. 🙂


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