Today, my daughter and I got our first round of feedback on our YA book outline. Suffice it to say there are many hours of revision ahead. Lots more work with plot. We’re feeling overwhelmed. Doubt is creeping in. Will we ever get there? Do we have what it takes? Should we just give up? 

* * *

Not surprisingly, one of the things we LOVE to do to help our students persevere through hard tasks – and to help them build a strong mental mindset that’s there when they’ll need it – is to share great books that inspire. But here’s a secret, these books help us when we need some positivity, strength, or just a good push!

Here are a few of our favorite titles and a few quotes for good measure:



Horton Hears A Who! is one of our favorite read alouds to teach the power of persistence and the impact one person can have on the world. Our students read this book this year as they prepared for their Seussical Play and celebrated Read Across America this year.


Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Another Dr. Seuss favorite. A group of our first graders shared with us this year that this book is not just about places you’ll go, but about the “journey of life!” Ups and downs included. A priceless lesson.


We loved The Most Magnificent Thing so much, we used it as our whole school read aloud this year. In the story, the girl tries to make the most magnificent thing, but she fails repeatedly and eventually gives up. With the help of her dog, she tries again and learns the importance of not quitting. We hope our students learned something about persistence through this book.

We’re pretty sure we did!


A favorite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt!


And last, our beloved Maya Angelou reminds us that we will encounter failures and defeats, but WE must not be defeated.

What inspires you or your students to pursue your dreams when the going gets tough?

We hope you’ll share some of your favorite quotes and read alouds.

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Darla & Jen


9 thoughts on “Persistence

  1. I love how you guys manage to tie a slice moment to teaching in such a real and meaningful way. Our students skyped with Ashley Spires last summer and that face to face with someone from the “real world” was such an inspiration for them.


  2. You’re exactly right when you say that these books are not only to inspire our students, but us as well. I have not read The Most Magnificent Thing, so I am anxious to check it out. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us today! Good luck with your YA book project!


  3. Jen and Darla!

    Love these ideas and I am so so excited for you that you have revisions to make! What an amazing feat you have accomplished so far, that someone wants YOUR book. SO awesome!! Way to go and you CAN do it!



  4. The Most Magnificent Thing is a book that everyone can relate to at some point of a project. Pure genius! Awesome that your outline was accepted! You can do it, one word at a time.


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