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Today, eighteen teachers gathered in a room in their school building before the day began. They decorated and put out fancy treats. Munchkins. Juice. Fruit. They set up games to play with their special friends who would be arriving soon.

Then they played and laughed and shared a snack.

And when the snacks and games were through, the eighteen teachers walked their friends to their classes and wished them a happy school day.

Teachers. They do things like this.

* * *

They come in early on a Friday to spend some special time with a student they are mentoring.

They spend 45 minutes in the dollar store to find just the right prize for their students.

They whisper into the ear of a student to tell her it’s ok.


They notice when someone is feeling left out, and they pull up a chair.

They go to the library three towns over to get the book their class just HAS to read.

They stay after school long after the day has ended to wait with a student for his parents, who are running late.

They hug a student whom they know doesn’t get hugs at home.

They laugh with their students at silly jokes.

They cry inside when they see their students cry on the outside.

They bring in a coat for a student who needs one.

They buy Valentine’s Cards for a student and help him fill them out.

They speak up for a student who needs a voice.

They keep extra snacks in their room, just in case.

They hear a former student needs help, and they don’t hesitate.

They keep these things quiet. They think no one notices. Someone does.


 * * *

Recently, we’ve noticed so many of our colleagues reaching out to make a difference in the lives of their students. What stories can you share about the amazing teachers you know?

We’d love to hear.

For all of the day’s Slice of Life Stories head over to Two Writing Teachers

Darla & Jen




3 thoughts on “Teachers.

  1. What I love about this is that you’re not only noticing what teachers do, but in writing about it, you are letting them know you notice AND opening the eyes of many peeps that really have no idea how big teachers’ hearts really are. I got goosebumps reading it. Go teachers!


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