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A few months ago, Ben Kuhlman and Lisa Hughes were looking for teachers to host their monthly #TeachWriting chat. Although we chatted about the possibility of requesting to host together, we never really followed through. Days later, we ended up each filling out the form separately, neither of us mentioning to the other that we had actually signed up. And that was it; both of us never really gave it a second thought.


So I get a text from Darla last week saying, You’ve got to read this! Ben and Lisa had emailed her asking if she wouldn’t mind co-moderating a chat with an educator who had signed up for a similar discussion topic. The letter said that they had never had co-hosts before, but they wanted to give it a try. They asked her to follow the other educator on Twitter and work out some questions. “Her name,” they said “is Jen Brittin.”

Minutes later the same letter popped up in my Twitter messages asking me to contact a “Darla Salay.” 


“It’s a sign! We should start a blog! We should write a book!” (That’s Darla…the irony really fired her up.)

“Maybe it’s just a sign that we should moderate this chat together.” (That’s Jen…she’s more skeptical.)

We do both think it was exceptionally fun that the two of us were randomly paired up to moderate tonight’s #TeachWriting chat.

March 10-2

We hope that you join us to discuss Living the Writerly Life at 9pm EST. We’d love to learn with you!

Here are the tentative questions planned for tonight’s chat:

Q1. What ways do you encourage your students to live “writerly” lives?

Q2. How do you use Writer’s Notebooks in your classroom or for yourself?

Q3. How do you engage in a writerly life yourself or what future plans do you have to engage in more writing?

 Q4. What are some obstacles that stand in your way of living like a writer? How might they be overcome?

Q5. How can we use what we know about getting stuck to help our students get unstuck?

Q6. What can we do in the classroom to inspire students through our own writing or that of other students/teachers?

 Q7. What school-wide structures might support our students and teachers as writers?

Q8. Let’s share resources (great books, online communities, etc.) that can support us or our students.

For all of today’s Slice of Life stories head over to Two Writing Teachers.

~ Jen and Darla


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