All the Reasons Why

slice of life

Today is the first day of our little blog. We say little, because it’s just a seed of an idea right now. It’s just the beginning of our story.

Well, actually, not the very beginning.

We were colleagues first. Then friends. Then writing partners, editors, revisers.

And that was it for a while. But, we’ve had something nagging at us. Something whispering.

“What’s next?”

We talked about it a lot. What if? Maybe? We could try…

We had a lot of ideas. Projects got started. Notebooks started to be filled.

But we still weren’t sure.

Usually we came up with all the reasons why it would never work.

Then there were some signs. (Yes, we believe in signs.)

And there was this email from one of our editors.

“Your identity as a human being in and outside of the classroom is entwined with what happens in your classroom,” she said.

That’s it. This is our idea.

So our little blog is starting today, but we think that we have a really important story to tell. A story that we hope will empower teachers everywhere.

We’re excited to start sharing some of our stories as part of the Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Be sure to check out their site for all the day’s stories.

Thanks, Margaret for sending us one of our signs.

~ Jen and Darla


7 thoughts on “All the Reasons Why

  1. Welcome and congratulations! I love when little seeds grow and ideas bloom and stories are shared! What an exciting adventure for you both — together! I’m glad you followed the ‘signs.’ Looking forward to joining on this journey and learning from you both!


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